Emme Rovins (b. 1997, Southern New Jersey) is a photographer currently based in Austin, Texas. Rovins’s reverence for the natural world alongside her progressively intricate understanding of the relationship between sexuality and identity culminates in her photographic practice. Weaving aspects of the landscape into visual metaphors, Rovins negotiates her relationship to the land in order to gain a deeper understanding of her own sexuality. She considers the lineage of landscape photography throughout the history of the medium, particularly due to its male domination, as she ritualizes the act of a woman exploring the woods under the cover of darkness.



                 Strokeof Luck, re-direct gallery

                                                    ·            February 2019

                 In The Midst, Roberts and Raizes  Galleries, Cambridge, MA

                                                    ·            May 2019-June 2019

                 Photographic Resource Center Student Show, LesleyUniversity Hall Gallery, Cambridge, MA

                                                   ·            April 2019-May 2019

                 Undergraduate  Photography Now VII, Lesley University Hall  Gallery, Cambridge, MA

                                                   ·            Juried by Greer Muldowney, Caleb Cole, April 1-18th

                  Pitch  Black, Gallery South, Cambridge MA

                                                   ·            Juried by Dylan Hausthor, October2018-January 2019

                  TakingIn: 2018, VanDernoot Gallery, Cambridge MA

                                                   ·            Juried by Scott Alario, Caleb Cole, Keitaro Yoshioka, May 2018

                  RGBCMYK, GallerySouth, Cambridge MA

                                                   ·            Juried by Lydia McCarthy, February2018

                 Documenting Village Life, Centro Fotográfico Manuel Álvarez Bravo, Oaxaxa,Mexico

                                                                 January 2017


                 From Here On Out,Online Publication Feature


                 A  Matter of Being, Quiet Pages Press

                    February  2019

                TakingIn: 2018 “A Selection of LA+D Photography”- Juried by ScottAlario, Caleb Cole, Keitaro Yoshioka

                   May  2018


                Scholarship  Recipient to attend the Anderson Ranch Arts Center

                 July  2019

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